Providing supplemental tuition-related Financial Assistance for Low-Income, Students of color at Catholic College Preparatory schools in San Francisco.

Applicant Information

We invite interested and qualified students to apply for New Roads Education Fund Scholarships and Related Financial Assistance.

We prefer students who have a disciplined elementary and middle school preparation for doing college preparatory work, with the requisite study habits and work ethic. Learning at Catholic Secondary Schools in is a community-based, interactive process, and we look for applicants with interpersonal skills, intellectual curiosity, and awareness of the needs and gifts of others.

For this reason, while we will not reject qualified non-Catholic and/or public-school applicants, we have a preference for students who come from San Francisco Catholic Elementary Schools; who have the disciplined preparation for academic work traditionally associated with the Catholic Primary school system, indicating a mastery of the skills and qualities necessary to compete within the Catholic college preparatory environment.

We also favor students who will be the first in their family to attend college.


New Roads Education Fund Scholarships are need-based, and provide the student with the amount needed, up to a full scholarship, for tuition at the Catholic Secondary School to which the student has been accepted. The scholarships are granted year-to-year and are renewable based on continuing satisfactory academic performance. Scholarships are paid directly to the school’s Business Office in the name of, and to the account of, the student at the beginning of each semester.